Dropkick Murphys

Album: Do Or Die (2004)

Song: Barroom Heroes

Bitrate: 64kbps

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Dropkick Murphys formed in 1996 in Boston, MA. The band was originally just a bunch of friends looking to play music for fun. We started playing in the basement of a friend's barber shop, the goal was to blend the musical influences we had grown up with (Punk Rock, Irish Folk, Rock&Roll, and Hardcore) into one loud, raucous, chaotic, and often out of tune mix that we could call our own.

To our surprise people seemed to like it and we began to record music and tour constantly. To date we have released over ten singles, one E.P. CD, and two Full Length albums (with two more coming in 2000) and have had the good fortune of being able to play across a large portion of the world and are truly grateful to the many friends and bands that have helped us out and supported us along the way.